Volkmar Andreae – Piano & Violin Concertos:
Piano Concerto in D – Konzerstuck in B minor
Violin Concerto, Op.40 – Rhapsodie, Op.32

Piano Concerto in D (1898) – I. Allegro molto

Piano Concerto in D (1898) – II. Adagio – Andante

Piano Concerto in D (1898) – III. Presto

Konzertstück in B minor, for Piano and Orchestra (1900) – Lento – Allegro vivace

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Orchestral Masterworks from Switzerland:
Othmar Schoeck, Ernst Widmer, Adolf Brunner

Concerto for piano, percussion and orchestra Op. 160 (1988) – I. Schwer/Grave – Leicht/Leve – Tempo 1

Concerto for piano, percussion and orchestra Op. 160 (1988) – II. Heiter/Sereno

Partita for piano and orchestra (1938-39) – I. Maestoso – Allegro

Partita for piano and orchestra (1938-39) – II. Adagio – Allegro assai

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Volkmar Andreae : Violin Sonata
Six Piano Pieces for Two Hands, Op. 20 (1911):
II. Bacchantischer Tanz – Sehr rasch

III. Frage – Sehr langsam und ausdrucksvoll

VI. Unruhige Nacht – Aufgeregt

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Cello & Piano Music by John Mayer, Edmund Rubbra, Benjamin Britten

Cello: Timothy Gill
Piano: Fali Pavri
Calcutta – Nagar: (13) Kali Mandir:

Calcutta – Nagar: (14) Hooghley Nadi:

Calcutta – Nagar: (16) The Ghora-Garis:

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Sonatas for Cello & Piano by Grieg & Rachmaninov
Cello: Tim Gill
Piano: Fali Pavri
Ed. Grieg – 02 Sonata for Cello and Piano Op. 36
II. Andante molto tranquillo:

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Grieg and Rachmaninov

Music for cello and piano by Giles Swayne (b. 1946)
Cello: Robert Irvine
Piano: Fali Pavri
Four Lyrical Pieces, Op. 6 (1970) –  2.  Scherzando:

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My Beloved, A garland of carols and other works by Anthony Bolton
Harp: Sioned Williams
Tenor: Richard Edgar-Wilson
Piano: Fali Pavri
Cycle of 5 Songs “Black Sea” – My name:
words by Mark Strand (b.1934)

Cycle of 5 Songs “Black Sea” – Storm:
by Mark Strand (b.1934)

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Live Concert Performances

Beethoven : Sonata in F minor Op 57 “Appassionata”


Schumann-Liszt: “Widmung”


Rachmaninov : Sonata for Cello and Piano op 19 -3rd movement “Andante”

with Naomi Pavri (cello)